[MUD-Dev] Advancement considered harmful (long)

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> Once the shininess wears off, it becomes mundane. The more known it is,
> less the experience of playing can convey any Numinosity. Kind of a
> spiritual Uncertainty Principle.

My first reaction was, "can't you say that about everything?"

My second reaction was, "there are some things that always make me feel the

My third reaction was, "a heck of a lot of those things are creative
endeavors. Some of them are other's people's creations, in cases where I now
know enough about what was accomplished to appreciate the creation more."

Oddly enough, this led me to thinking that the answer is allowing players to
build more in the game. And more than just build the mud--let's put in as
many of the RL creative endeavors into the game as we can.


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