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> > Have most graphical designers never played text muds? I read this on
> > Shadowbanes' site and started laughing:
> >
> > "Shadowbane, the first online RPG to include an integrated system for
> > Strategic Warfare." (from www.shadowbane.com/warfare/strategyfaq.html)
> >
> > Such ignorance. What a joke.
> Oddly, the guys doing Shadowbane have a lot of text mud experience. I'd
> guess their marketing folks don't. ;)

Actually, I've seen their main developer guys saying some pretty stunning
things in print.

Paraphrase from memory:
"We're the first real multi-player role-playing game, all the others were
adapted from single player games."

That one stuck in my head pretty good.

Knowing how magazine editors construct dialogue, it's very possible that
it's a distortion of a much more reasonable statement.

"An, continenter quod sedetis insulsi
 centam an ducenti, non putatus ausurum
 me un ducentos irrumare sessores?"

-Zak Jarvis

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