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Steven Kaskinen <kaskins at malkav.com> wrote:
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> > Hear hear. I don't see why people insist on calling big 
> > graphical games
> > something other than muds anyway. Same thing, just bigger scale.
> Very similar...but the larger scale of player base does indeed change some
> things.
> Having a larger player base means a more dynamic player interaction...hence
> player balance between the different player types is more difficult to
> achieve...if even possible at all.
> Larger scale means less of a sense of community.
> Don't believe it?  Then explain to me that an urban area has the same sense
> of community as a rural area.  That Cities are no different than Town except
> the fact that they have more people.
> While I certainly agree with the orginal point that giving out
> Guides/Wizards/etc powers out willy nilly is damaging no matter the scale of
> the game.
> The point that MUDs and MMOGs are the exact same animal can't be made in my
> opinion.

Pickup trucks and tractor trailer trucks carry loads of different sizes and
handle very differently. They even require a different driver's license. Yet
they're both trucks. Nobody refers to the latter as a VLMWVTINAT (Very Large
Multi-Wheeled Vehicle That Is Not A Truck).

Big muds and little muds aren't the same, but when you look at the bigger
picture of gaming, they're the same basic type of game. Compare them to Pac-Man
or WarCraft--suddenly, the differences look relatively small.

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