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> When I was re-thinking this last night, I realized that there was
> an idea I had completely overlooked.  Given that the combat skills
> will most likely be in a tree of their own (independent of magic),
> it would make sense to instead of having a stat for these skills,
> just use the root of their tree as a sort of psuedo-stat.  Thus
> the only real stats is your retention, your potential, and your
> skill (aptitude maybe?).  Then the more combat skills I learn, the
> higher that whole tree gets, because the root rises.  Likewise
> those stats towards the bottom which are heavily skill dependent
> don't benifit as much.  The other thing I like agout this is if
> you have a degeneration of skills designed, then your strength
> will degenerate as well.

An in taking this a step further, give the root of each skill tree
its own set of knowledge stats: Retention, Talent and Potential.  In
this way no matter how many types of skills the MUD Administrator
wants, the system will always have a stat for it.
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