[MUD-Dev] Moo mailing list issue _DESPARATE FOR HELP!

David Clifton dmc0301 at mail.widener.edu
Fri Jun 20 13:10:29 CEST 2003

From: Ms Leigh Canny <s371770 at student.uq.edu.au>

> I am really desparate for help. I have created a couple of test
> mailing-lists, and have followed instructions as to how to set
> these up exactly.

> They appear on the @subscribe listing, but when I try to subscribe
> to them I get the following error:

You need to use the command @subscribe *<mailing list named here> or
you can do @subscribe #<object number of list here>. If you have
further MOO specific questions, feel free to email me personally, as
I doubt this list s the best place, per se, and I'd be more than
happy to help you in any way I can.

David Clifton
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