[MUD-Dev] Horizons

Tess Snider malkin at terpalum.umd.edu
Fri Jun 20 14:06:53 CEST 2003

On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Mike Shaver wrote:
> On Jun 20, Tess Snider wrote:

>> They have staff members review designs, and it costs resources
>> (in-game money) to have a design reviewed, so that people don't
>> frivolously spam the reviewers with tons of half-assed designs.

> Interestingly, that would seem to make in-game economy weakness
> (duping bugs, etc.) a much more high-temperature issue, because it
> can then directly consume real-world publisher resources.  Maybe
> that's a good feedback loop, though, or maybe that loop already
> exists in other less direct forms.

Well, the influx of designs is also going to be limited, to some
degree by how quickly you can produce new designs, regardless of
your actual in-game resources.  Obviously, if you flood the
submission mechanisms with tons of shoddy work, I imagine that
you're going to be de-prioritized by the reviewers, and if you
really piss them off, I imagine that your happy little designs may
find a new home in the beautiful land of /dev/null.

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