[MUD-Dev] MMO Launch issues ruining potential segments of the market.

Jeff Fuller jfuller at originmail.com
Fri Jun 20 14:28:33 CEST 2003

From: Chris Holko

> Funny thing is, I don't know of anyone making the same complaints
> about AC1 that you are.  EQ's interface was many times worse until
> they went to an XML managed interface.

AC1 did have a prettier interface, but it's ability to present the
world in a nice flowing manner was horrible. Player movements were
jerky and seemed forced into pre-selected map coordinates, that if
you didn't stop on one, you didn't stop till you were on
one. Character models slid forward and back as they attempted to
update thier positions. The 1st person point of view was abysmal and
difficult to use.

Visually AC1 never did it for me. The landscape and buildings were
decent but the character models and NPC models were not. AC1's
landscape also never inspired the awe I felt when I first traveled
to places like Kaladim,Erudin or Kelethin.

Also I felt it was too easy for novice players to end up with a
gimped character. Turning them off from the game early on.

Anyone I've ever talked to who's tried and dropped AC1 had those
same issues with it.

> I can categorize DAOC and EQ monster AI, follow player until hell
> freezes over, or in the case of EQ until the player leaves.

DAoC is not this way, monsters chase for a period of time but give
up and reset thier agro after a period of non combat. Also I like
the way BAF functions in DAoC.

EQ is this way, except for a small number of NPCs. There was code
where they give up if you were an extreme distance in Kunark, but
this never seemed to be enchanced farther or in later
expansions. Also agro never reset until you zoned,died, or logged
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