[MUD-Dev] When Player Communities Rebel / Fanbois Gone Rogue

Andrew Barratt {MIS} Andrew.Barratt at mondipackaging.com
Mon Jun 23 07:53:18 CEST 2003

From: vladimir cole [mailto:vladimir_cole at yahoo.com]

> Wisely, he was ignored. But unfortunately, because of the
> tremendous traffic his site gets, this is actually a threat with
> some teeth to it.  (See http://www.fohguild.org) It's a PR
> nightmare of huge proportions when one of the top three fansites
> in the game goes on a crusade against your product.

Have you checked their website since the initial post? From what FOH
and a lot of the posters on their board are saying, they weren't
ignored, the changes were quietly made. In some instances,
especially due to the developer turnover SOE has had in EQ, the top
end players know better how to run the game than the company
does. They weren't asking for the earth, merely for the encounter to
be more appropriate for the position it held within the game.

What I think caused them to go so ballistic over this issue was a
chain of events, the last of which was the previous encounter to the
one they made the demands over, which was deliberately broken so
that no guild or even combination of guilds in EQ could beat it and
thus advance further through the endgame content.

Perhaps that's a discussion of interest to the list, how to limit or
even remove artificial blocks on content to stop players advancing
further than the developers wish them to. Unfortunately in this
instance it was done because the expansion was shipped without all
the content being finished, but I suspect that's standard practice
in the box-on-shelf end of the MUD world. Is there a solution or is
it doomed to happen forever in the world where businessmen make the
shipdate, not the state of the code?

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