[MUD-Dev] Morphable worlds, Reset based systems revisited

Leigh Stillard leighs at tricomgroup.com.au
Wed Jun 25 12:14:24 CEST 2003

Matt Mihaly <the_logos at achaea.com> writes:

>>> Aside from physical density, every organization in the game has
>>> continent-wide communication channels, and there is also a
>>> continent-wide shout command, an area-wide yell command,
>>> continent-wide player-to-player tells, the market channel, and
>>> player-to-player persistent messages. The issue isn't whether
>>> you are going to be able to socialize, but how much
>>> socialization you want.

>>  Mm... yes. Maybe. But I want socializing through interaction,
>>  not spamming.

>   How is that spamming and not interaction? Two-way communication
>   IS interaction.

I think you'd find if you stepped into Matt's world that the
communication system he describes is not overly spammy in the least.
Having spent quite a fair bit of time in the world myself, I've seen
it as very strongly player policed.

If someone is spouting nonsense on a channel like market or shouts,
people asking them to shut up or 'take it to tells' usually ends it
fairly quickly.  Failing this, the open PvP system allows people to
convincingly threaten people if they don't.

IMO, This has been a problem with player communication in a variety
of MMOGs.  When the PvP system is closed to prevent gankings, it
takes minor social policing out of the hands of the players and ties
up customer service representative.

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