[MUD-Dev] Scripting languages

eric ericleaf at pacbell.net
Wed Jun 25 13:42:21 CEST 2003

From: "Shu-yu Guo" <shu at rufuran.org>

> As a side note, I often notice that many developers try to write
> their own scripting language. That's a great way to express your
> skill, but I doubt some MUD developers can top a language
> development team. Why do so many people try to make their own
> while there are tons of good languages ready to be embedded?

Despite the wealth of scripting languages available the heart of
scripting is usually a specific purpose, so the chances of any
scripting language meeting your particular purpose is low. I
recently wrote a game with a scripting language (far away from MUDs)
where my game rules were defined in the scripts and I looked at all
those mentioned and decided to use Simkin.

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