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Peter Peter
Thu Jun 26 22:46:39 CEST 2003


Few weeks ago have i been playing (err testing:) SWG. It is quite
some time that I lastly played some MMO/MUD... UO was my last.  I
just started to think again about the architecture for the backend
of such application as SWG.

In my working time, I am designing mobile phone networks (GSM/UMTS)
and it just striked me, how similar these architectures actually can
be. (well, not quite, but some basic features are still there)

Till '98, i've been running LPMUD on my 386 in my office - but the
development made in that area in last 6 years is tremendous,
utilising the best techniques.

So, just for fun, I started one night to draw/design some possible
architectures for something like SWG, but without some real world
limitations - i just wanted abstracted design, able to scale as good
as it gets, so that amdahl's law would not force me to use expensive

I know that Gamasutra has reviewed something simmilar
(e.g. Butterfly's grid) and actually it quite matches with that what
i've been thinking about.  Even the Australian MicroForte is doing
something very similar with their BigWorld.

So, I have 2 questions: - What do you think about such designs as
Butterfly's Grid/BigWorld (not the hardware, only the abstraction
layer, the hardware comes into play later) - Is here anyone who
likes to discuss details of such design? (unlimited :) scale mmo)

few monts ago, the "MMORPG/MMOG Server design" thread begun quite
nice discussion, but was too concrete HW oriented IMO. I would like
to do some partitioning model first, a functional/domain

Peter "Pietro" Rossmann
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