[MUD-Dev] Database vs. Disk

Peter Peter
Thu Jun 26 23:12:30 CEST 2003

J C Lawrence <claw at kanga.nu> wrote:

> Using an RDBMS brings with it a standard security model for that
> application, which is nice, but also brings with it a pre-canned
> set of threat vectors for exploits.  These can range from being as
> simple as direct attacks on the RDBMS, attacks and attempted
> misphrasings of SQL statements by injecting carefully prepared
> strings, to attacks (even DoS) on exposed network ports for the

Would not a firewall be a solution? If you design the system the
same way as you would design some high-profile business system?

> Sure, things like Oracle are fast and immensely scalable for the
> types of loads they are designed for.  Unhappily for MUDs, game
> and world data typically don't fit those load or access patterns
> -- but then I've ranted on this before, not that many weeks ago.

Considering that even NTFS filesystem is based on (kind of) RDBMS
(b-tree with transaction log), and the next generation WinFS will be
actually running on the sql core, i see quite some benefits using
it. The question is only how :)

It probably would take more than just copy/fit the current data to
sql. it would take complete redesign of them.

Peter "Pietro" Rossmann
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