[MUD-Dev] Dealing with cloned NPCs

Owen Matt Matt.Owen at thetube.com
Mon Jun 30 10:34:38 CEST 2003

On 27 June 2003 14:46, 'John Buehler <johnbue at msn.com>' wrote:
> Matt Owen writes:

>> I think I'd approach this with a more natural apparoach.

>> If player1 attacks a rat, then Player2 would be able to type:


>> The server would parse the WITH command and ensure that player2
>> is attacking the same rat. Quite easy to implement, and easy for
>> players to understand.

> Heh.  How many people who just read that envisioned player2
> picking up player1 and using him to beat the rat to death?  :)

Yeah, I realised that after I'd posted! I guess my concept was based
on the server realising that Player 1 wasn't a weapon, and that
Player 2 indeed wasn't even carrying Player 1 and interpreting the
'WITH' as an assist.

Alternatively, Player 2 could have a teamwork attribute, either in
their character class, or as a toggle. With this attribute enabled,
ATTACK RAT would automatically assist Player 1, without Player 2
having to constantly specify. I'm sure this is how guild type
teamwork works?  (I'm not an EQ/AC/DAoC type player)

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