[MUD-Dev] The Price of Being Male

Daniel Anderson melinko at insight.rr.com
Mon Jun 30 14:33:42 CEST 2003

From:  Edward Castronova

> I suppose everyone thinks its normal and OK that being a man in a
> woman-suit is something that the average man is uncomfortable
> with. I kind of think that's a problem.

Why is that a problem?  Virtual worlds emulate real worlds in
regards to social actions.  So, according to that, one could
conclude "cross-dressing" (I use cross-dressing loosely here,
because it isn't exactly cross-dressing, but rather entirely
pretending to be a different sex in a virtual world.) would also be
shunned in a virtual world.

> Anyway, when I conceived of the paper, I thought it was going to
> show how body-switching made the sexes equal in treatment. I
> didn't expect that the sexualization of roles would make it so
> that men still had a preference for fronting as male. But that's
> the way it is. As I said in the paper, it has to be a cultural
> thing, it has nothing to do with abilities or skills. Maybe I am
> reading into it too much, but thanks for kicking it around.

Have you ever though of the possibility that men are more
"power-hungry" but they are not as patient to build up a good char,
so they will just buy off of eBay instead?  I know, I'm going out
pretty far with this one...  That statement tied together with my
former paragraph, could be one explanation as to why male avatars
have a higher price value.

-Daniel Anderson
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