[MUD-Dev] Male and female brains

Valerio Santinelli tanis at mediacom.it
Thu May 8 12:22:28 CEST 2003

Paul Schwanz wrote:
> Valerio Santinelli wrote:
>> Koster, Raph wrote:

>>> There's an article to be found here:

>>>  http://www.guardian.co.uk/life/feature/story/0,13026,937913,00.html

>> I am not a professional designer but I do it as an hobby and I'm
>> B.. let's see the others :)

> Ditto.  And according to the questionaire, my EQ=43 and my SQ=35,
> which makes me B with a tendency toward S.

> I've also never played a female avatar for an extended period of
> time. I'm not sure that is really related to my brain type so much
> as other factors regarding my play style.  I'm more interested in
> immersion than role-play.  I like to feel that I've been
> transported to some other place and time but not so much that I've
> actually become someone else. Along the same line of thought, I
> tend very much toward human avatars. I may try out elves or
> perhaps even wookies, but cannot really see myself sticking with a
> mon cal.

It seems that you're playtesting SWGO, too :) I tend to do the same
as you. I always play a human character if available, even if I try
out other races as well just to see how they are in the game, but I
always resort to human when playing a character for a long time.

> All the same, however, I don't think my desire to play a male
> avatar stems from a reluctance or inability to empathize so much
> as my reluctance to be or feel "fake."

For me it's that I usually feel more confortable playing what I'm
already used to. Being a male is something I'm used to, but
impersonating a woman, even if it can be fascinating at times, is
not something I would do well. I would sound more like a Xena-like
character.. a woman with muscles :)

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