[MUD-Dev] Database vs. Disk

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Wed May 21 11:59:51 CEST 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003 08:50:55 -0600 
Bruce Mitchener <bruce at cubik.org> wrote:
> J C Lawrence wrote:

>> ObNote: Bruce Mitchener pointed me a while back at some excellent
>> discussions on another list about various schemas and models for
>> object definitions for games (gdalgorithms?).  There was good stuff
>> in there that you might like to look at to help understand how game
>> objects can be constructed, manipulated, etc in useful and sometimes
>> surprising fashions.

> That particular thread was on sweng-gamedev:

Ahh, thanks, and for the other pointers.  Good stuff.  

> None of that has to do with databases ... but then, one should
> probably know how their object system and model are going to work and
> see what demands that imposes on the related storage facilities.

Quite.  If you're going to store something its a good idea to know how,
when, and how often you're going to need to get at the things you store,
as well as how, when, and how often you're going to need to store new
things or update old.  If your most common access is a five table join
then things are going to hurt, and badly. Without that sort data I might
as well store the contents of my house in boxes my car -- because after
all its "portable" and that just must be better.

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