[MUD-Dev] Moo mailing list issue _DESPARATE FOR HELP!

Ms Leigh Canny s371770 at student.uq.edu.au
Wed May 28 02:25:28 CEST 2003

  *New-Prog-Log, *NPL  (#29) [Writable] [Approved]
      Record of who's been made a @programmer.
  *Quota-Log, *QL, *Quota  (#34) [Writable] [Approved]
      Record of whose quota has been messed with and why.
  *Site-Locks  (#70) [Writable] [Approved]
      Notes on annoying sites.
  *Password-Change-Log, *Passwords  (#89) [Writable] [Approved]
      The log of wizardly/Registrar password changes.
  *cr  (#122) [Writable]
      List where new character requests are sent.
  >>>>>*Test-group  (#175) [Writable]
      A group of people interested in tests
  >>>>>*Test-group-2  (#176) [Writable]
      Another list of people interested in tests.

I am really desparate for help. I have created a couple of test
mailing-lists, and have followed instructions as to how to set these
up exactly.

They appear on the @subscribe listing, but when I try to subscribe
to them I get the following error:

  @subscribe Test-group-2

  #40:@subscribe*-quick @unsubscribed*-quick (this == #2), line 38:
  Type mismatch
  (End of traceback)

I cannot see how my code for these groups differs from that of the
ones above that were already in the database I am using.

Below is the code for one that works (not mine!):

  @dump #122
  ;;#122.("mail_forward") = {}
  ;;#122.("guests_can_send_here") = 1
  ;;#122.("aliases") = {"Character Request List", "cr"}
  ;;#122.("description") = "List where new character requests are sent."
  ;;#122.("object_size") = {1215, 1043507229}

  @args #122:"init_for_core" this none this
  @program #122:init_for_core
  if (caller_perms().wizard)
    this.name = "Character-Request-List";
    this.description = "List where new character requests are sent.";
    this.guests_can_send_here = 1;
    move(this, $mail_agent);
  "Last modified Tue Oct 14 14:22:19 1997 CDT by Wizard (#2).";

and this is the code for mine:

  @dump #176
  ;;#176.("writers") = 1
  ;;#176.("readers") = 1
  ;;#176.("mail_notify") = 1
  ;;#176.("mail_forward") = 1
  ;;#176.("guests_can_send_here") = 1
  ;;#176.("aliases") = {"Test-group-2"}
  ;;#176.("description") = "Another list of people interested in tests."
  ;;#176.("object_size") = {0, 0}
  ;;#176.("accessed") = 1

  @args #176:"init_for_core" this none this
  @chmod #176:init_for_core rd
  @program #176:init_for_core
  if (caller_perms().wizard)
    this.name = "Test-group-2";
    this.description = "interested in tests.";
    this.guests_can_send_here = 1;
    move(this, $mail_agent);
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