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Chris Holko cholko at mindspring.com
Wed May 28 12:44:46 CEST 2003

From: "Valerio Santinelli" <tanis at mediacom.it>

> During this year's E3 I had the pleasure to watch a demonstration
> of Horizons held by David Bowman (the lead designer behinf that
> game).

I have been following Horizons for a while, always wondering if it
would truly make it.

> As far as I could see Horizons is trying to bring all the nice
> content creation tools of MUDs into the MMORPG world.  Players
> will be able to create their own 3D models and bring them in the
> game,

Considering the nature of current MMORPG players I doubt this will
last, or won't have so many controls placed on its use that it may
be more useless than useful.  The key problems are overly obvious,
copyright infringement and pornographic.

> and buy territories and build castles upon them and so on.  I find
> this a very interesting approach to content creation.  I asked
> David

The issue here is, how do you keep the ability of players to build
such and buy areas of the game from adversely impacting others.
>From the perspective of having played in two MMORPGs that offered
player housing, AC & UO, I don't look favorably to yet another
attempt.  Frustration and annoyance could sum up the feelings of
many players as there just isn't enough game real estate to go
around.  What real estate that is used by players seems to always
get in the way of other players.  Eve Online currently allows
players to rent resources in game, the trouble is once rented no one
else can.  Maintenance does not even require the player to travel
the location rented.  Hence, many early adopters or those with more
time than others can virtually lock up the majority of resources.  I
imagine that if EO becomes popular that people may sell access to
those "rented" resources online.  Similar things happened with UO
and AC properties.
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