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Sheela Caur'Lir dstgasey at webhiker.dk
Thu Nov 13 13:54:35 CET 2003

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> From: Dave Rickey [mailto:dave at mutablerealms.com]

>> I dream of floundering like SWG.  300K and counting, last I
>> heard. Please, God, visit such misfortune upon me.

> Has anyone got figures to contrast that with the other reasonably
> high profile games?

I don't have figures as such, though I think Final Fantasy XI is
running about the same member counts and expanding at roughly the
same rate.  They just do it in two different geological areas.

- However -

It would be interesting to see how they shape up in 2 years after
launch, after all, the first few months are atypically for any MMOG
since many people still have much content to play with, but after a
year, most of that will be explored and if the game haven't moved
with the crowd, it may flatten itself methinks.

Offcourse, not all games have the same life cycles as other does,
I'm sure many of us are surprised at still having Anarchy Online
alive and kicking to this day. Many people thought it would crash
and burn before a year had passed by, but no, it's still there. Many
thought UO would go away when EverQuest made it's impact known, but
it's also still there.

I think it's very hard to "kill" a succesful MMOG if the developers
keeps interest in it and keep developing it. Not like single player
game creators, who just release a game and let it float, the game is
not further developed and end up in it's own static world and
eventually people will loose interest in it because it brings
nothing new to the table.  Those seem to die quite easy.

But it all comes down to that one little word : "if"

Jens L. Nielsen
(aka. Sheela Caur'Lir)
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