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ceo ceo at grexengine.com
Fri Nov 14 10:26:19 CET 2003

Michael "Flury" Chui wrote:
> --- Daniel James <d at djames.org> wrote:
>> On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, ceo wrote:

>>> As a separate issue, JWS is often difficult to get people to use
>>> because it often DOES NOT WORK under windows! This is a quite a
>>> major problem. I don't know yet what the conditions are that
>>> cause >>>it not to work, but this affects a large number of
>>> windows users.

>> Do you have any details on this? Offlist would be fine, as I
>> don't wish to bore mud-dev.

> In case you do email him about this and decide not to "bore
> mud-dev", could you cc: it to me, too? I'm very curious... I've
> had some trouble getting my Java applications to run using JWS
> myself (on windows). (Granted, there is no guarantee that it's not
> MY code that's bad. =)

The best thing I guess is if I point you at Sun's


and suggest you do a search for JWS (you might have to do "webstart"
too, and variations :( ).

There's a lot of people using it for games deployment there, and
whatever problems exist get a fair amount of discussion as they
occur. There's certainly a thread where someone offers a workaround
for the "JWS does nothing" crash on Windows, and where several
people chimed in to say they'd had this problem too - they install
the JDK, run webstart, nothing happens. They can never use JWS apps.

There's also discussion of some of the other problems - e.g. you
update your JWS app, but lots of your users find that JWS decides
you haven't updated it, and it just uses the cached copy. Those in
the know try twice :). Otherwise you just feel disappointed when the
"update" that the news page on a game's website talked about
apparently hasn't taken place...

Adam M
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