[MUD-Dev] Removing access to entertainment

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Fri Nov 14 18:43:43 CET 2003

From: John Buehler

>   1. Don't remove or limit my ability to see the game world in an
>   entertaining way.  A dark screen is NOT entertaining.  It only
>   adds to eye strain.  A rainstorm isn't 'fun'.  It only impairs
>   my ability to move around the game world to find the real
>   entertainment in the game.

I disagree. Proper use of lighting (or lack thereof) DOES add to the
game.  (ex: EQ Kithicor Forest, Doom, UO dungeons) Especially in
first-person games I feel that this adds a LOT to the game's
suspense factor.

>   2. Don't remove my access to my character's abilities.  Let
>   others attempt to counter my character's abilities, but don't
>   remove access to mine.

I semi-agree here.  A 1-2 second "blind" type spell is moderatly
disorienting but definately still playable. The normal "spell
interrupt" factor, the disorientation factor and the brief instant
of non-action definately has it's uses, especially in PvP combat. I
do agrre that a 30 second mezmerize/stun type spell is overboard and
zero fun for the target.

>   3. Don't install barriers to accessing entertainment.  I
>   understand that players will consume all available entertainment
>   in a game because of the difficulty in composing content.  That
>   doesn't mean that there should be such onerous barrier to
>   pursuing that entertainment that I spend much of my gaming
>   experience in simply trying to reach the entertainment that's
>   out there.

You strive to attain gold, which represents value.  You strive for
better gear, which represents value. You strive for online
interaction (char<->char) which in some games represents value.  You
strive for me experience to level, which is value.  Without "those
barriers" every player would rip through the given content in no
time and become bored/jaded with the PvE aspect.  (ex: Doom,
Shadowbane, Quake, Duke Nukem, Anarchy Online, et al.)  There are
exceptions to all rules, but once you've explored the world...then
what?  Once you've amassed 10.4 bizillion gold, then what?  When
you're in the best gear, the highest level and the most powerfull
you're ever going to get...then when?  People get bored, start
griefing, start pushing the rule sets and start losing interest.
You NEED that unscalable Mount Everest.  You need that mystique.
You need that lure to keep players striving and playing.  You may
push the social aspect, and it's a huge staying factor but people
log in to play the game - else it's not much more than a

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