[MUD-Dev] MMORPG: where to start for making and running a game

Lee Sheldon lsheldo2 at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Nov 20 09:43:42 CET 2003

Patricia wrote:

> While Uru certainly falls into this category, The Matrix doesn't
> really.  The dev team for the Matrix is headed by Toby Ragaini
> (Asheron's Call Lead Designer) and includes Geoff Zatkin (EQ),
> both of whom have a great deal of MMO experience. Having worked
> with both teams, I think the Matrix team has the invaluable
> advantage of not having to learn the same damn lessons from
> scratch, a problem which plagued the Shadowbane team and continues
> to challenge Cyan.

Ack, Patricia, I was basing that on our get together this past
August.  Everybody there from Monolith was single-player I think. I
forgot about Toby <blush> and didn't know Geoff had joined them. But
while I was incorrect using the word "all," wouldn't it be fair to
say the company has been up until now a single-player developer?

The single-player URU has now been released, although the online
component was delayed a week. We'll know soon enough how it goes
there. ;)

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