[MUD-Dev] Player Justice

Koster Koster
Thu Apr 1 18:15:23 CEST 2004

From: Paul Schwanz
> Damion Schubert wrote:

>> Again, I suspect that [Meridian's Justicar] system would have
>> failed in a larger world such as SWG, UO, SB.  But for a smaller
>> MUD, it might work dandy.

> What if the larger world were built around a bunch of smaller
> communities?  For example, a Meridian-sized town has its own
> citizens.  If anyone kills one of those citizens, they get an
> orange flag.  Guards won't allow someone with an orange flag to
> enter the town, but if the flagged character is a citizen of the
> town, then they can petition the town's Justicar to have the flag
> removed. Wouldn't this sort of approach bring the numbers back
> down to where a Justicar could handle things, even though the
> smaller community existed in a large world?

This is actually fairly similar to the original PvP design for Star
Wars Galaxies, that was abandoned in favor of a different system.

In the original system, you could attack anyone. But if you killed
them, they had the ability to simply remove your ability to PvP (it
was up to the victim of aggression). You could only get it back by
petitioning the local government, and you'd only get it back within
that government's sphere of influence (and the local government
could choose to auto-forgive certain individuals, or everyone, if
they chose).

I THINK the result would be a mostly safe world, where you could
consentually duel with those you trusted, with wilderness that was
safe, and some towns that were dangerous.

Later on in SWG, we ended up with an elaborate switch
system. However, there was a remnant of the original system with
"militia." These are people who are allowed to bypass the
switch. Named by the local government, they have the ability to PvP
any target they want, within the confines of the town. They are
basically police. The system was removed when players basically held
territory that the designers did not want them holding (the entrance
to dungeons and the like). There was no way to overrun a government,
so players could not get back the territory that was held.

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