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Baar - Lord of the Seven Suns baar at imperian.com
Sat Apr 3 08:45:12 CEST 2004

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Jester wrote:

> I disagree, as you pointed out a banned character can easily
> regain access to the game, so rather than eject the player in the
> first place (loosing track of them in the process) use a system
> that makes their in-game experience less pleasant i.e. Being
> locked up, fined, subjected to public ridicule etc. That way the
> more they try to spoil thing for others the more *their* enjoyment
> of the game is negatively effected.

I have to agree with Jester. The last thing you want to do is to
make your job harder by loosing track of the griefer. Once you have
identified them the most effective strategy I've seen is to simply
remove them from circulation without them realising it. Let them
roam around and talk to other players. Let them speak on
channels. But don't let anyone but them see what they are
saying. They'll run around giving the finger to people and making
lewd comments, while snickering with their friends like Beavis and
Butthead, "*snicker* I just gave Strayline the finger. *snicker*",
but the other players won't even realise they are there. Others may
see them enter/leave a room and say hello to them and whatnot, but
they'll not see the response. You will be very surprised to see how
long it can take for them to realise that nobody has any idea that
they exist.

> There will still be issues where a ban is needed, emoted rapes, or
> other antisocial actions that breach the terms of play, but the
> issue of killing another player simply to spoil their enjoyment of
> the game is then addressed with consequences.

The forementioned strategy neutralizes even the emoted rapists and
avoids the useless ban.

> My personal view is that non-consenting PvP can be addressed
> through a bounty hunting system (as discussed previously in this
> list) I do not claim this idea is a full justice system but it
> does deal with one of the most common causes of 'grief' >

The problem with bounty systems is that often it will bee (ab)used
by griefers to cause grief to other players. Not all griefers sign
on for an hour and disappear. Now and then you get a griefer that
becomes a long- time customer and will use these systems to harrass

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