R: [MUD-Dev] [News] Virtual goods--Oh, the controversy!

Ghilardi Filippo ghilardi at dsfinance.it
Tue Apr 13 17:53:50 CEST 2004

First off... I'm still trying to catch up with all messages during
this holidays, so I apologize in advance if what written below had
been already told in the lastest message.

On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, John Buehler wrote:
> Matt Mihaly writes:

>> Yep, quite right. We find our players with money appreciate being
>> able to obtain things with money that would otherwise take more
>> time than they're willing to spend. Why spending money is
>> controversial and spending time is not is beyond me. My time is
>> far more valuable to me than my money. Money is replaceable.

> For many players, money is far more valuable than time. Further,
> there is the ethic of a level playing field. In games like
> Everquest, where advancement over time is the primary metric of
> success, it seems a bit foolish to say that the very structure of
> the game can be sidestepped by appropriate application of
> money.=20

Usually who works (has a full time job) has more money than time and
vice versa.

But I think this only an aspect of the problem.

We are missing an important point that is... Why do I need to buy
something that can be obtained for free (oh well time is money but
let's think at it as free anyway)

I suppose that many take the fast route (eg: buy items or
characters) because they feel that anything before that point is
simply a waste of time. They think that the real fun part of the
game is when you get a certain level or status. Anything before that
is something to get done as fast as possible. Just grinding or
levelling or farming or whatever is in need for the given game (new
skills, level or in game money).

ciao ciao
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