[MUD-Dev] Playing catch-up with levels

Jeff Fuller jeff at originmail.com
Wed Apr 21 11:02:29 CEST 2004

Craig Huber said:

> My question is, why does the vast majority keep circling back to
> the class/level/hp paradigm in spite of the aforementioned
> obstacles?  Is it a case of "Better the devil you know..."?  Is
> there a sense that there are no other titles/paradigms that have
> merit?  Is there evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, that D+D's
> hallmarks of narrowly defined roles and geometric (if not
> exponential) power growth are "what the typical player wants"?

Personally I like how it was dealt with in Planetside. I know, it's
not a "real" RPG but it's close and it's massivly multiplayer.

But basically Planetside just has a bunch of skills and as you
"level" you get more points to buy those skills. The differnce is
you don't imporve those skills, once you get the skill your all set
forever for that weapon type or vehicle type. Your proficient and it
always does roughly the same base damage to a target.

So in an RPG using those types of rules, everyone might know how to
use a dagger with equal efficiency, but some people might buy the
sword skill and be able to do better damage with swords, or some
people might choose a magicial path to cast spells of healing or
damage. But everyone would be able to engage the same enemies. It's
just some people might be more effective if they can both cast
spells and wield a sword because they are a more experienced
player. The higher you level the more skills you pick up. Maybe
different weapon types are better against different enemy types. The
value of being experienced is your versitility instead of your raw
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