[MUD-Dev] DESIGN: Active and Inactive currency

Steven King steve at madrogue.com
Mon Apr 26 15:25:09 CEST 2004

cruise wrote:

> It occurs to me that this is one of the reasons for the Robber's
> existence in Settlers of Catan...when he moves, /all/ players with
> more than seven cards lose half. That's one hell of a discentive
> to hoarding.

As a devout player of the thief class, I had the same thought
earlier while reading this thread.  Players who hoard items would
get noticed by the local Thieves' Guild spies who could provide the
information to fellow guild members.  Then, player (and/or NPC)
thieves could break in and steal things.  There are drawbacks of
this, of course, but thieves could finally have a place in MMOs.

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