[MUD-Dev] UI Design in MMOs

Corey Cauble ccauble at pacblue.com
Sat Dec 18 19:09:36 CET 2004

Mike Rozak wrote:

> The odd thing is, one part of the dialog claims it had downloaded
> 19 meg, while the other said 30 meg of downloads and 10 meg of
> uploads... this got me confused.

Welcome to the new world of P2P patching. I played the open beta for
this game (liked it). We had a major patch that needed to be
downloaded at one point and the patch mechanism used P2P to minimize
bandwidth on the server side. The interesting thing for me at the
time was that I was playing at my office and was behind a very nasty
firewall so they punished me with download speeds slower that a 56k
modem (not very nice). If there is not 2 way communication to your
client app you get shuffled off into some other method of download
(still looked like P2P) but with restricted bandwidth.

I really hope that this is not the future of online game patching or
distribution. This is what we pay $15 a month for IMO, not so they
can use my bandwidth for free (particularly if we are limited in
usage like Mr. Rozak here.)


Corey Cauble
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