[MUD-Dev] Making the Customer Pay for Patch Bandwidth

Michael Hartman michael at thresholdrpg.com
Mon Dec 20 22:52:54 CET 2004

Corey Cauble wrote:

> I really hope that this is not the future of online game patching
> or distribution. This is what we pay $15 a month for IMO, not so
> they can use my bandwidth for free (particularly if we are limited
> in usage like Mr. Rozak here.)

I think this issue deserves a thread of its own.

I was shocked and surprised that Blizzard is not providing the
bandwidth for its patches. I have no idea how they even think this
is an acceptable practice. At $50 up front, $15 a month, and $30-50
for expansions they should certainly be footing the bandwidth bill
for patches.

It is unconscionable that if I want to be able to download the patch
at better than 2 kb/second I have to share my own bandwidth to
upload the patch to other people.

I thought it was bad when game companies were shuffling off their
patch responsibility to gaming web sites. Now Blizzard has gone one
step further and started making the CUSTOMER foot the bill.

This is something that Blizzard should be made to feel ashamed of.

Michael Hartman
President and CEO, Threshold Virtual Environments, Inc.
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