[MUD-Dev] Re: Time limited worlds (was: Why Virtual Worlds areDesigned by Newbies)

Alistair Milne krug at krug.org.uk
Mon Dec 20 10:47:57 CET 2004

On Monday, November 29, 2004, 11:48:47 PM, Mike Rozak wrote:

> Would a 100-hour PvP world even work? Players would never have
> time to really make enemies, nor would large guilds form (although
> smaller bands might). The emotional impact doesn't seem to be as
> intense as the 1000-hour experience. If I were into PvP, I'd find
> the 1000-hour experience much more compelling, perhaps so-much-so
> that I'd make extra time.

I think a 100hr PvP can work, as long as you don't expect to fight
the same person each time.  First person shooters are an obvious
example, you can connect to any server any time and start shooting,
no need to build up personal animosities.  At a slightly deeper
level would be something like the old Midpoint Void MUD where your
character is created on one side of a war, and anyone on the other
side is fair game.  So it doesn't matter when or how frequently you
log on or who you play with, there's still an enemy to play against.


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