[MUD-Dev] UI Design in MMOs

Ghilardi Filippo ghilardi at dsfinance.it
Tue Dec 21 12:55:56 CET 2004

Paolo Piselli wrote:
> --- Mike Rozak <Mike at mxac.com.au> wrote:

> I highly disagree.  The intro movie included with WoW establishes:

>   - The high-level geography of the continents
>   - What the major races that inhabit the world are
>   - What their natural environments are like
>   - That these races are in conflict
>   -  Some information about what side each race is on
>   - Examples of the various classes available for play

To the list I would add that the movie is freely downloadable from
internet and used as game trailer. Marketing would had done
something like that anyway. Including it as intro cinematic has no
cost with a 4 cd installation.

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