[MUD-Dev] WoW's catering to players (was: A couple of Wired articles on open-source metaverse andWoW's catering to players)

Greg Boyd lextalionis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 14:45:12 CET 2004

Filippo  wrote:

> I wonder if this is calculated at character or at account
> basis. In theory I imagine I could play 7 different characters and
> get a week bonus each evening.

> Anyway to me this seems like DAOC that now gives a free level
> every week if you managed to get a level by your own.

> With WoW you get 200% the amount of exp for each kill, in DAoC you
> get a whole level at the end. Basically is about the same system.

The WoW rest system does work on a character basis, not an account
basis.  I personally use it to full advantage in this way.

I have 5 Horde characters on one server, all different classes and
trade skills.  During the week, I play about one character each day
and on the weekend, I concentrate on a primary character and ""burn"
the saved up rest for all the characters.  This nearly maximizes the
rest for all characters if I log them out in cities of inns.

This system also allows me to use the mail system to exchange items
and resources between characters with complementary trade and
gathering skills.  It allows you to create a type of one-man
autocratic guild.

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