[MUD-Dev] WoW's catering to players (was: A couple of Wired articles on open-source metaverse andWoW's catering to players)

Ghilardi Filippo ghilardi at dsfinance.it
Mon Dec 20 15:41:30 CET 2004

Morris Cox wrote:

> http://www.wired.com/news/games/0,2101,65882,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_3

> talks about Wow and how it is quite indulgent of the player.

> --<cut>--
>   How indulgent is World of Warcraft? The game actually rewards you
>   for not playing it. If you log out of the game in an inn, you get
>   double experience for a while when you return later. According to
>   the documentation, staying away from the game for a week should
>   give you about a level and a half worth of experience point
>   bonuses, the better to catch up with your more obsessive online
>   friends."
> --<cut>--

> I recall there being at least one thread on this on here.

I wonder if this is calculated at character or at account basis. In
theory I imagine I could play 7 different characters and get a week
bonus each evening.

Anyway to me this seems like DAOC that now gives a free level every
week if you managed to get a level by your own.

With WoW you get 200% the amount of exp for each kill, in DAoC you
get a whole level at the end. Basically is about the same system.

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