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eric <ericleaf at pacbell.net> wrote:
> From: "Paul Boyle" <ppboyle at centurytel.net>

>>   Simultronics - Dragonrealms - The most complex systems I've run
>>   across have been there.

> Its been at least 5 years since I've seen this game, I don't even
> remember it, so can't comment. However, overall the crafting
> systems are soo bad in MMOGs that I would just go back to first
> principles myself. The question I would try to answer is "Why is a
> person crafting?"

A very interesting essay to read.  I agree with your points.  Wanted
to add that the Simultronics Dragonrealms had en economy that was
more evolved and interesting than many of the current MMORPGs, in
that very rare items were actually rare, and to obtain them you
didn't sit for hours in a dungeon killing the same monsters over and
over, you had to either perform a clever trade with another player
or wait for a once-a-year festival(or you could waste the 1 kill per
hour limit and stick up some guy on a road, he he).  Certain items
that were banned by admins from further monster and GM drops/sells?
ramined in the game and fetched insane prices on auctins months or
even years after their introductino to the game.  That was a
fantastic addition to the gameplay and added quite a bit to the
roleplay atmosphere.
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