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Matt Mihaly the_logos at ironrealms.com
Mon Jan 12 15:23:00 CET 2004

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Brad McQuaid wrote:
> From: "Lee Sheldon" <lsheldo2 at tampabay.rr.com>

>>   2) Here's one for Brad McQuaid to chew on. His quote: "All
>>   quests are FedEx." In fact out of several steps (5?) in Trials
>>   of the Gifted only one step requires you to go obtain items and
>>   return to the questgiver and that is if you solve a simple
>>   riddle. The rest are not.

> In fairness, I'm trying to think back to the exact context of that
> paraphrase, yet I do recall saying something similar.

> I believe my point was you are ALWAYS taking something from one
> place/NPC to another place/NPC, hence it is like 'bringing a piece
> of mail'.  Whether that 'mail' is in the form of an item or
> something else (generically, a 'flag' on your character) was
> simply my point that all quests can be boiled down to that --
> regardless of all the cool story and setting you can place on top
> of it, you still need that fundamental mechanism.

This is untrue I think. There are, for instance, maze-based quests
that don't involve transferring any 'item' or 'information' as well
as puzzle-based quests that require one to solve a puzzle, such as
touching colored stones in a certain order to turn them all one
color or whatnot.

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