[MUD-Dev] FedExing

ghovs ghovs at plex.nl
Tue Jan 13 17:38:31 CET 2004

How is it that there is this horrifying prejudice against 'fedexing' as 
being wholly unimaginative and bland? I'm seeing the definition going so 
broad that any quest which is completed must be a fedexed thing (kill 
gets a flag delivered to a relevant NPC, courier gets an item delivered, 
riddles get a bunch of keywords delivered, etc). If FedExing is so 
horribly bad, I'm curious what the alternative to using 
flags/items/keywords to verify quest state might be. To clarify, I have 
never managed to complete any quest, RL, RPG or MMORPG without 
delivering an item, information, or at least my honest word that I had 
done as required (the closest thing RL has to offer for 'flag').

I'm at a loss why it's such a horribly bad thing, instead of just simple 
physics, like how stuff drops.

To me, the only really boring quest is the kind where NPC A sends you to 
get item B from location/NPC/mob C and deliver it to A (or D). It 
wouldn't be as boring if something interesting is added like having to 
get items from many different locations, having to craft some items 
(involving sub-quests preferably) or having to do something not entirely 
braindead (like walk really far or kill really many) to reach some 
needed item/NPC/mob (solve a puzzle, break a code, translate from 
in-game toy language, sneak in and steal a key). Preferably a 
combination of the above, with optionally (but not at all necessarily) 
some extra mobs or NPCs to kill in the process.

Horizons seems to be doing that just fine, from what I'm hearing here.


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