[MUD-Dev] Do players enjoy farming? (was MUD-Dev Digest, Vol7, Issue9)

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Thu Jan 15 01:05:20 CET 2004

Rayzam wrote:
> From: "Paul Schwanz" <pschwanz at comcast.net>
>> Rayzam wrote:

>>> What heroic farmer defeated the dragon by having the best crop
>>> yield?

>> The one that used the proceeds from that crop yield to buy the
>> best dragon-slaying spear along with the services of the best
>> dragon-slaying trainer?

> And then spent time not farming to get the dragon-slaying skills
> to slay the dragon. Which means training combat, not being an old
> mcdonald.

Who says that being a "farmer" means standing behind an ox all day?
That's what peasants are for - instead, let players be landholders
who oversee farmland.  If they want to spend their entire playtime
doing farm-related things, great!  Let them run a tight operation
that produces high quality resources.  If they want to only spend
half their time on management, and use the farm to fund their
dragon-slaying hobby, OK, the farm's bushels per minute production
won't be the greatest, but it will still earn some coin.  Ignore it
too much, though, and the oxen get lazy, the peasants drink all the
milk and wolves make out* with the sheep.


[*] - Off.  I meant off.

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