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Mats Lidstrom mats.lidstrom at torpet.ac
Thu Jan 15 13:10:29 CET 2004

From: "Lars Duening" <lars at bearnip.com>

> One thing I have noticed over the last years of working on LDMud
> is that the demands of the Mud implementors require more and more
> a generic scripting language with a few Mud-specific constructs,
> than the other way around. If I had the time to implement
> everything my users are wishing for, I'd end up with the
> equivalent of Python (Perl, Ruby, pick your poison) with LPC
> syntax and a MUD module.

Or Pike. http://pike.ida.liu.se It's exactly what you'd end up
with. Pike started out as LPC4 and is now in many ways more powerful
than Python, Perl, Ruby and the like. Depending on what you're after
of course, but for me it's perfect since I'm one of those that are
trying to mix text with graphics. And of course I'm using Pike :)

I were going to cut'n'paste some tidbits about the history of Pike,
but I thing I'll spare the list and let the ones interested read for
themselves.  http://pike.ida.liu.se/about/pike/history.xml

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