[MUD-Dev] Congratulations Horizons...

Brad McQuaid bmcquaid at cox.net
Tue Jan 20 23:28:55 CET 2004

Lee Sheldon wrote:

> Okay, and as for sniping... I apologize. I didn't really see it as
> that, but the receiver of the bullet may have a different opinion
> about the act than the one who pulled the trigger. What you said
> remained with me because you are not alone in how you feel, but it
> was an idea that has stuck with me as I've tried to enjoy quests
> in MMORPGs for the past 2 years. I singled you out because I could
> track down the quote in -this- forum. If I'd taken the trouble I
> could have sniped a whole lot of people.

Looking back at what I wrote, I think I was the one actually being
too defensive -- I don't think you were really trying to 'snipe' me.

And we may disagree on the approach to quest mechanics, but I think
we both very much want to see much more immersive and well thought
out ones in the future, so all is good :)


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