[MUD-Dev] Platform choice

Gary Whitten gary at undiscoveredworlds.com
Mon Jan 26 21:22:46 CET 2004


I've looked through the archive and not finding exactly what I
needed, I wanted to ask for some assistance from the wealth of
experience in this forum.

Having lost the confidence my initial platform's availability, I'm
looking for a platform to move to.  Cold is the only one I know of
with the power and flexibility I need, but I was wondering if you
folks could mention any other platforms that cover most of the
following needs:

  Ability to totally code the vast majority, or all, of the
  mechanics of the game.

  Being able to update code and content on the fly through the game

  At least a few readily available knowledgeable users who can help
  others lessen the learning curve of others

  Moderately decent support of the code base for any bugs and
  possibly feature addition.

  Code samples and routines available

  Free-ware, open-source or similar no-cost or low-cost licensing
  that allows for commercial use of the code base is preferred.

I'm probably missing something but that's the vast majority of what
I'm looking for.

I'd gotten a recommendation for VME but some pre-sales inquiries to
sales at valhalla.com (an address listed on their site) came back with
delivery failures.  I'd also gotten a recommendation for AweMUD but
it's still fairly early in development.

Thanks in advance for any help and guidance you can provide.

Gary Whitten
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