[MUD-Dev] Python script as stand alone MUD server...

Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Wed Jan 28 01:15:46 CET 2004

From: "Brian Hook" <brianhook at pyrogon.com>

> Not just Python, but other equally likely candidates such as Ruby
> (other than supposedly being Godawful slow, at least according to
> the GCLS*), JavaScript (via SpiderMonkey embedding) and Lua (which
> I'm using).

Python, Ruby, and Lua seem to be the chosen scripting/programming
languages for game systems.  Lua is nice because it has a small
footprint.  Python has spun off in two flavors with Jython for Java
and Python (also known as CPython) for C/C++.  As for Ruby, it seems
like the right language to use especially if people miss using
Smalltalk and don't want to work with Squeak.  Some people were
working on SRuby - a static Ruby that could be compiled.  The
project seems lost or dead now.  I haven't seen the performance
numbers on Squeak but most of the system is compiled to native code
so it should be perky.

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