[MUD-Dev] SMOG - small multiuser online game

Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Thu Jan 29 01:12:23 CET 2004

From: "Miroslav Silovic" <miro at puremagic.com>
> Frank Crowell wrote:

>> SMOG will get its kick start by using an existing 3D game engine
>> and it-doesn't-suck-that-much network technology. The intent is
>> to build as little as possible - not as easy as I think it
>> is. The Core language is C/C++ and the secondary and scripting
>> language is Python.  The 3D engine choices are Crystalspace,
>> Nebula, Torque, or Cipher.

> May I also suggest you to take a look at OSG (OpenSceneGraph)
> engine? It's rendering-only, but with a very good mix of fast,
> small, and feature-complete.

Beside the fact that OSG looks good, it seems to have a couple of
other interesting additions such as Cal3D and a Python wrapper.  I
also see that their character animator uses Lua.

VRML is big on scene graphs and included it as part of Web3D and
MPEG-4.  Very likely scene graphs will continue to be used in
virtual reality/virtual worlds applications.

There are many good engines available now.  I would tend to favor
Open Source with a liberal license.  Torque and Cipher are garage
game licenses and a strict interpetation would say that those game
engines can only be used to create games.  Maybe some sort of
standard API layer can remove the differences between engines so it
would be easier to add different engines to the mix.

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