[MUD-Dev] MUD client popularity

Brian Hook brianhook at pyrogon.com
Thu Jan 29 12:13:08 CET 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 00:59:29 -0700, Ammon Lauritzen wrote:

> I would expect that the percentage of people using vanilla telnet
> vs mud clients depends on environment. People who are brand new to
> mudding and who do not necessarily have rl friends to help them
> out are more likely to simply telnet in, where people who've been
> around for a long time are probably much more likely to use a
> specialized client of some sort.

Right, and my belief is if command line telnet is used only by
newbies, then newbies aren't going to stick around for too long.  At
least one company, Simutronics, seems to have bent over backwards
trying to make their games more accessible to newbies.

So I'm curious if there's a brick wall on rate of growth in the MUD
world simply because people hear about it, click on the obligatory
telnet::/ link, and then after five minutes are thinking "There is
no freakin' way I'm playing a game like this".

And the clients I've looked at really haven't been much friendlier
than telnet -- they're often overwhelming with the sheer number of
options and configurability.

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