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Michael Sellers mike at onlinealchemy.com
Tue Mar 2 09:42:44 CET 2004

Vincent Archer wrote:
> According to Vincent Archer:

>> However, I do agree. Microsoft has probably looked at the
>> incoming Blizzard juggernaut, has seen the growth of the market
>> below most previsions, and decided that Myhtica, without any
>> important franchise or name behind it was probably a bad
>> investment. Not for gameplay reasons, but simply because the
>> hardcore (gamewise, not content) fantasy online segment doesn't
>> seem to be able to support growth of too many big games.

> As an aside, it looks like Microsoft isn't alone in deciding this.

> Ubisoft already dropped the Uru online segment (initial interest
> was not very big I heard) and has decided to drop also The Matrix
> Online (even if there's a big name recognition on that one).

Note that Monolith says they're continuing production and WB looks
like it's taking over the publisher role.  UbiSoft is backing out,
but the project isn't dead (yet?).

> Publishers getting second toughts?

You'd think.  OTOH there are still at least fifty "classic" fantasy
or science fiction MMP projects under way.  IMO, we've really seen
the the opening of Mark Jacob's "Age of Disappointment" and the
closing of this cycle of the kill-monster-get-gold MMP game as a
fast-expanding market.  These games aren't going away, but neither
are they going to be great investments without *significant*
innovation (and I don't mean, "hey our elves are different!").

> All this, and EA is apparently shutting down Origin "UO" Systems
> as well.

EA is closing Origin as they've closed Maxis, bringing both back to
Redwood Shores.  This appears to be a corporate move pretty much
unrelated to the MMP market.  I haven't heard anything that suggests
that they're shutting down UO; seems like it'd foolish of them to do
so.  OTOH, I have to wonder how long TSO and E&B will stick around.

Mike Sellers
Online Alchemy
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