[MUD-Dev] Mythica Cancelled..

Scott Jennings scottj at mythicentertainment.com
Tue Mar 2 10:40:07 CET 2004

Vincent Archer wrote:

> Ubisoft already dropped the Uru online segment (initial interest
> was not very big I heard) and has decided to drop also The Matrix
> Online (even if there's a big name recognition on that one).

> Publishers getting second toughts?

Second thoughts about having an Everquest-scale success upon launch,
perhaps. I think people are starting to recognize that (a) the MMO
space is fragmenting and that no one game will dominate the
marketplace and (b) while MMOs tend not to dramatically cannibalize
one another's user base (at least according to the data I've seen at
Mythic) there is still a very limited number of people willing to
spend $15+ monthly on any given online game.

I believe we're entering a period of more specialized MMOs that
closely target a given segment of the market. I would hope that
publishers recognize this and see the value to multiple games with
subscriber numbers in the tens of thousands, instead of one huge
success with subscriber numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

> All this, and EA is apparently shutting down Origin "UO" Systems
> as well.

OSI was shut down as a corporate entity some time ago; they're
finally closing the actual studio down and moving some of the live
team and UXO development to California.
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