[MUD-Dev] Re: Quick question re: SSL

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Tue Mar 2 11:07:51 CET 2004

From: ceo
> Jo Dillon wrote:
>> On 17 Feb 2004 at 0:28, sziisoft wrote:

>>> Hardware address.  Guaranteed unique per card unless someone
>>> overrides it(which is very rare.)

>> Errr - do modems have MAC addresses? A /lot/ of people out there
>> still use dialup.

> Frankly, the bigger problem here is that MAC address is completely
> useless if you can't even get the IP Address (which was the
> original problem). HTTP doesn't provide that information, and even
> if it did you'd be extending your trust zone way out onto the
> internet (nb: using the X-headers would be doing this anyway which
> is part of why it's a workaround of limited effectiveness)

You can get the IP address from the TCP stack on the client.  Then
you can register "player X is at IP xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa" on the server.
You could also use the socket information (sockaddr_in structure) to
determine that information and register it.

I know that some Microsoft COM components are/were based off of the
MAC address at one point.  When the system didn't have a MAC address
then it just generated one since it wasn't actually on the network.

Of course, you could always just snoop the packet and see exactly
what's being placed in that field. :)

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