[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture.

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Tue Mar 2 16:22:50 CET 2004

Jester wrote:

> This is a tough one, I for one would rather not base a mechnism on
> something that is essentially just part of the game structure i.e.
> levels The level of the killer would not necessarily be something
> that the 'character' would know and using such a quantifiable
> value would mean 'artificially' introducing it.

It doesn't have to be obvious that this is what is being done. It
could involve a few other calculations too ( eg. level of player
they killed, so picking on newbies is more heavily punished), rather
than explictly stating in game: you are an X level player, your fine
is 5X (or whatever).

> Also a twinked Pker would be get off much lightly than they should
> in a system that uses level as a modifier. By letting the free
> market determine the cost (both of the bounty & fine) the players
> themselves can set a value that keeps Pking down, and the system
> admin can montior things to see if the caps need tweaking from
> time to time.

> I feel that this is very much a balance issue and one that is
> related to other aspects of an implimentations design (like the
> economy) and as long as the core concepts are sound then the issue
> can be resolved on a game by game basis.

Hmmm. Maybe the PK'ers level sets a minimum "subsidised" bounty? If
the bounty is only set by what the victim can afford upfront, then
richer PK'ers would only hunt the lowest-level players, knowing that
the victims could never afford sufficient bounty to attract the
attention of a bounty-hunter sufficiently high-level to capture

If there is a "minimum" bounty that is paid for by the city, to
which the player's bounty is added, you could ensure attracting a
sufficiently qualified bounty-hunter.

> One other thought I'd like to throw into the mixing bowl is
> modifing a character's status/reputation/faction (whichever people
> use) so when a character is publicly brought to justice their
> reputation goes down (as befits a convicted murderer).

> This could lead to certain NPCs or shopkeepers having nothing to
> do with them and also cities that are particularly 'lawful'
> barring them from entry. This could hurt Pkers just as much (maybe
> more) than fines or periods in the arena.

Darkfall online is planning a system like this, where wanton
violence leads to NPC guards attacking you on site, traders refusing
your business, etc.

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