[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture (bounty hunting)

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Mar 3 11:58:06 CET 2004

Mike wrote
> Byron Ellacott wrote

>> To maintain a roleplay view of the situation, perhaps the judge
>> NPC should ask, 'Who caused your death?  In the final case, only
>> one of the perpetrators would have fired the deadly arrow, but
>> all would have been responsible for V's death.  Can V place three
>> bounties?

> I would say: yes.  In fact, in the bounty text put in the reason
> for the bounty.  All bounties must be approved by an admin.

This would add hugely to the manpower requirements of a game
especially at it's release before the radical impact of such a
system is comprehended by it's users. As it is probably that we can
achieve identical results programmatically it then becomes an
implementation decision as to whether to use GM or CPU resources.

> "j00 sux0rs!"  is not a valid reason, IMO.

This is why only victims killed by another player can file for a
bounty to be placed so than no other reason bar murder is valid.

>This could also be used to enforce the RP aspect,

Enforcing RP is not something I'd want to consider in a system where
I am trying to move away from 'forced' artificial mechanisms as a

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