[MUD-Dev] Character Restraint & Capture (bounty hunting)

Jester jester at futuremmorpg.org
Wed Mar 3 10:31:40 CET 2004

On 2nd March 04: Chris Duesing wrote:
>Jester <jester at futuremmorpg.org>  wrote:

>> 7.  Some time later. he finds character K and attacks him.
>> 8.  Whilst in combat he uses his special 'restraining' skill to
>> temporarily immobilise character K

> and from website:

>> Bounty hunters cannot have ever Pked another player

> Simply having to attack a bounty puts the hunter at risk of
> killing their bounty.

The entire point of making the bounty hunting a special 'job'
(Class/Profession whatever :) ) is that they have non lethal attacks
Hence the title of this thread: restraint and capture (skills) ;).
But seriously, I'll change the word 'attacks' in item 7 to something
that reflects the non lethal intent.

> This also leaves open a scenario where someone doesnt like
> character B, so they use their level 1 mule to attack another
> level 1 and kill them. When B comes to capture the mule the mule
> attacks B and dies, thereby putting B out of business forever (if
> I read your post correctly).

Sorry I should clarify this a bit, Bounty hunters cannot have ever
been the *aggressor* , any player who kills an aggressor (someone
who attacks first) should in no way be penalised.

>>  17.  With the fine paid it can now be divided between the victim
>>  and the city.

> If the system actually allows people to make money from being
> killed, someone will figure out how to turn it into a viable
> career. Again a low level mule character could be used to attack
> (or provoke until they are attacked by ) random high level
> characters, die, put out a bounty, and sit back waiting for their
> paycheck.

I have already addressed this in a reply to Roy Sutton post (same
date at this one).

Thanks for the feedback.

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