[MUD-Dev] Re: Quick question re: SSL

Tamzen Cannoy tamzen at worldbenders.com
Thu Mar 4 21:09:46 CET 2004

At 7:28 AM -0500 3/4/04, Travis Casey wrote,

> IP may be of limited use; what about players who are behind a
> firewall doing NAT or PAT?  If my wife and I are both playing a
> game from home, for example, we'll both show up with the same IP.
> And, in the case of telnet-based muds, several people can be
> playing from one multi-user server.

Heh. My husband and I deliberately SSH through our own ssh server
and then telnet out from there when we mush. We also give our
address to friends who want to SSH through it to conceal their
identity from game powers that be who can see connection info.

We also give out email addresses and host web pages on our other
servers to allow people we know who want to maintain some sense of

Stinkers, ain't we? :)


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